About a Mom With Lipstick Kisses

One early morning several years ago I was headed to the airport to jet off to the Big Apple for the trip of a lifetime as Avon’s West Regional Makeup Maven. My mother was driving and my two young kids were along for the ride. By the time we made it to the airport both kids had fallen asleep, but I couldn’t leave for the first time to travel across the country without giving them kisses. I lightly kissed both their cheeks, shed a little tear and went on my way. On the way home, my son woke up in a panic and was very upset that he didn’t get to tell me goodbye. My mom tried to calm him down by telling him that I had given him a kiss and told him I loved him before I left. As she looked in the rear view mirror of the car to see if he had stopped crying she paused and said, “Look, you can see Mommy’s kiss on your cheek.” He quickly sat up real tall so he could see in the mirror too. “You’re right Nana! She left me a lipstick kiss to keep while she is gone.” … And there you go – I will forever be “A Mom with Lipstick Kisses.”

I am blessed to now be a mommy of three on a journey to make beauty my business while keeping “mommy” as my full time job. I am so thankful for the opportunity Avon has given to be a small business owner so I can have the two coexist. As a stay-at-home mom, I may have limited time for complicated beauty routines, but I love to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and experiment with my own makeup. I am even working on my Makeup Artistry Certification.

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