Back-to-School Baking

It’s hard to believe its back-to-school time already! In fact, we’ve already been in school for almost three weeks here in Arizona and boy has it been a busy three weeks. Not only did my husband return to work from summer vacation and resume his duties as an assistant principal at a high school … my baby boy (and first born) started kindergarten. How did I cope? By baking of course! 
Back-to-School  can often be a shock to the system after summer break, so I decided to make some goodies for my husband’s staff to help them get through their first day of school. Afterall, chocolate makes everything better and I was super stoked to test out my new Brookie Pan that I had ordered from Avon. What makes for a better treat than a chocolate chip cookie baked inside a moist, chewy brownie? 
This pan was so easy to to use and made a great dessert within a dessert that can be used for gifts, potlucks and other special (or really any) occasions. Since it was the night before the first day of school I made it even simpler by using pre-packaged brownie mix and ready to bake cookie dough.
After spraying the pan with some baking spray to prevent sticking I began by filling the bottom of the six molds with brownie mix. 
After the molds were half full I placed the chocolate chip cookie dough in the middle and then topped off the molds with the rest of the brownie batter. Off to the oven they went!
Oh my gosh! They turned out so great. While baking, they made my house smell delicious and once they came out of the oven, it was all I could do to keep my husband and my kids away from them. I have to admit they were pretty hard to resist – especially in my current pregnant, sweet tooth state. They fell right out of the pan and cooled pretty quickly. Because I just plopped the pre-made in the middle as they came packaged, the cookies maintained the square shape they came in. If you would rather have round cookies within the brownies, you can bake the cookies before placing them in the Brookie pan with the brownie batter.
After the Brookies had cooled, it was time for the final touches. I wanted these to be a cute little back-to-school gift for the staff, so I printed out some festive gift tags and packaged them in treat backs. My husband got home that night and said his staff thoroughly enjoyed the Brookies. Mission Accomplished! 
If you like to bake and are looking for something new and inventive, I would highly recommend adding the Brookie Pan to your kitchen. Interested in learning more about the Brookie Pan or getting your hands on one for your own baking pleasure, visit

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