Big News! A Tiebreaker is Coming!

Big change is headed my way. Motherhood has been one crazy ride and one that I am so blessed to be on. Being able to stay home with my two beautiful children the last 5 years has been amazing. Time has gone by so fast and I can’t believe that my oldest is starting kindergarten this fall. 
Friends and family have always asked me if my husband and I were done having kids. My answer was always a big fat “YES!” I really did think we were done. I was so happy to have my perfect little family of four – one boy and one girl. Well, it’s crazy how things work out. My family of four is going to be a family of five very soon. 
After 7 weeks of feeling absolutely horrible, being away from the computer and doing nothing but laying in bed or on the couch – my children and I have BIG NEWS! 

I will admit although we were all quite surprised at first, what a blessing it is going to be to have another little one to call me Mom. Our little family is looking forward to our special delivery and can’t wait to find out which way the tiebreaker will go.