Face of the Day: A Pop of Blue

One of my favorite things about my job is playing with new makeup and getting to call it “work” as long as I share it with all of you. I am in love with this eye look featuring a pop of blue liner along the waterline. The combination of peachy shades with the blue really make my eyes stand out.


Get the Look






I can’t wait to pair this makeup look with the mark. by Avon Pretty as a Pineapple Top for a date night tonight! The hubby and I are off to the Sugar Land Concert!



Mani Monday Clover Green for Luck

Hello Spring Break! This St. Patty’s week is chalked full of fun activities to keep the kids and I busy. We’ve got plans to make piñatas, assemble a 750 piece puzzle, determine an UNO champion, visit the Science Museum, read A Wrinkle In Time before seeing the movie, and cap it off with my favorite … a day at the zoo. Luckily Arizona has welcomed the beautiful spring weather so there will be lots of time for good old fashioned outdoor fun as well.

No Spring Break is complete without some special treats too! So since it’s St. Patty’s week why not make some Lucky Charms Treats. This has pretty much become a tradition in my house when it comes to the lucky holiday. My daughter has been reminded me for weeks that St. Patrick’s day is coming and how we can’t forget to make these special treats. There are an oh so yummy twist on the traditional Rice Krispies Treats. You can check out the recipe we use over on the Soulfully Made Blog.

As I geared up for all the mentioned fun, taking a few minutes to pamper myself was a must. It’s been forever since I gave myself a manicure and I’ve been dying to try out the Avon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel that was included with the Savanah Blooms Beauty Collection.  The makeup included in the collection is perfect for channeling all things spring and I expected the same from the Clover nail polish.

Savanah blooms collage

I decided to not over complicate today’s mani with lots of themed nail art. Not really because I didn’t want to, but because who really knew how much time I really had to slap some nail polish one and make my nails look presentable with three kids at home. The Avon  Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel in Clover is a beautiful green, without being too green.



Here’s hoping the color will bring me luck as I embark on an ambitious list of Spring Break activities. If nothing else it will prevent the St. Patrick’s Day pinch, that’s for sure.


I love mani Monday’s — as you can tell by my recent blogs. I laugh at myself because I always intend to post more and I have brilliant blog topics dance through my head when I am in the shower. I promise to start writing more. I do love sharing.

For now I would love to hear more about what your Spring Break plans include and/or what your favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions are. I will be celebrating by sporting my mani while drinking a beer and enjoying some corn beef and cabbage. Because, after all,  once I make it to St. Patty’s day I will be able to toast to a successful Spring Break full of fun and memories.







Spoooooky Fun For Halloween

When I was a kid I would look forward to Halloween because it gave me the perfect excuse to dress up in something pretty or have some fun with friends (even on a school night). Picking out the cutest costume was always quite an event only to be thwarted when I had to wear a jacket over it to go trick-or-treating because nature always targeted Halloween night to release it’s first snow each year in my hometown. And yes, I was one of those teenagers that trick-or-treated all the way through high school.

It was always so fun to decorate the house with my mom. I remember this one Casper-like glow-in-the-dark ghost that would hang in the bathroom year and year to  greet me with a smile during my night time bathroom visits.

Carving pumpkins was an afternoon well spent and a highlight each year as my brother and I would sit at the kitchen table trying to carve the best spooky (or silly) face into the side of our carefully chosen pumpkins. To this day I have never gone a year without carving a pumpkin.

I love passing all the fun Halloween traditions on to my kids. Here’s a little sample of our fun from this year. We took a little bit of time over the weekend to decorate up the house and get their pumpkins ready to glow and welcome trick-or-treaters.

You know what I don’t remember about Halloween? Gory and overly scary things. Halloween was just always a fun holiday with a little bit of spookiness mixed in. And that the way I like to keep it. I prefer to focus on the cute, the pretty and the lighter side of Halloween. The Monster Mash, Casper the Friendly Ghost and the Adam’s Family are about as scary as I get.

So what better way to celebrate the prettier side of the holiday than with a little fun nail art … times 3. I had so much fun created these Halloween nail art looks for my mom, my daughter and myself.

My 6-year-old daughter has wholeheartedly bought into the emoji craze so I decided to go with a version of the emoji ghost for her nails. It was a little more difficult than I anticipated … I forget how tiny her nails are sometimes how tiny her fingernails are.


Products used include several Avon nail polishes and includes one of my favorite vibrant colors, Viva Pink Avon True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel.

My mom is much more traditional and elegant when it comes to her nails and nail art (aside from occasional flower) is a stretch so I wanted to make sure to choose something simple for her. I started with Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamel in Nudeitude then added a little bit of sparkle and just a touch of Halloween.

For my mani I was inspired by the beauty of the Dias De Los Muertos Sugar Skulls. I even told my dad one morning at the breakfast table that I was going to try a sugar skull on my nails and his reponse: “Wow, your a bit ambitious aren’t you?”

Well yes, I guess I am, but I did stick to a simpler version and I have received lots of compliments on this design for the last week.

I love being able to incorporate flowers with spider webs to complete the look. It makes me feel pretty while being a little spooky.


A few of the colors I used to create my look include Avon True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel in French Tip White and Orchid Splash.

I have to admit nail art makes me happy and I love pulling inspiration from others. Like this fun look from Word of Alicia. Be sure to stop by her blog to learn more.



HolidayGift Guide


Mani Monday’s Mythical Unicorn

So it’s been a minute since I’ve stopped by my blog to write and share. Goodneass, I don’t know where time goes. For instance — How on earth is my oldest going to be turning 9 tomorrow morning? What?!?

As a mom of three, life is going a mile a minute, but my daughter and I did find some time to make sure I nails were ready to take on the week. She wanted a unicorn manicure and after figuring out I was going to pull that off for her, I went with something simple for myself.

Sometime my little girl’s manicures are easier than others, but I certainly try my best each and every time. No matter what her request, I am always thankful for manicure time because it gives us both time to pause our crazy life to talk, laugh and beautify. Each and every manicure is another memory created.

Behold … the quickest (and easiest) way I could come up with to create a unicorn mani for my princess.

Watermarked Unicorn

To start we polished four of her fingers with Avon True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel in Glistening Pink and prepped the ring finger with a base coat of Avon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel in Iceberg White. You can’t have a unicorn without a sparkly magical horn and for that I used the 7-in-1 Gel Finish in Glimmer. Ears and lashes were created with a beautiful midnight plum polish from years ago and we finished off the magical creature with a little more Glistening pink to tie it all together. To draw the unicorn detail all I used was a toothpick and a paper plate for polish puddles.

Although I think the design could be much improved  through a second attempt … alas, our time was up when my toddler woke up from his nap.

For my own manicure I decided a simple design with beautiful fall colors would do me just fine. It may still be near 100 degrees here in the Arizona desert, but I can start to dream of cooler fall temperatures and this mani helped me do just that.

I started with Avon True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel in Smoky Plum and completed the look with accent nails in Effortless Mauve Pro+ Nail Enamel. After just completing my daughter’s unicorn nails, mine looked a little plain so I had to add the heart accent to jazz the look up. Again I just used a toothpick to dot the smoky plum onto the nail and draw the dots downward to connect to create a heart.

Do it yourself manicures were my first love and really my first introduction to the beauty world. I am so glad my little girl and I can share the joy of being creative together and creating beautiful memories.

And now that I have pretty nails to stare at while I type on my computer, I am going to type my way over to enter the Fall for Plum Sweepstakes. You can enter to win too! No strings attached and no purchase necessary! Just swing by my Online Avon Store and Enter to Win! Follow the link below and good luck!

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Nailed It Spring Mani

The weather is absolutely gorgeous right now. I love spring in the desert! My family and I are taking advantage of every moment we can to enjoy being outside before the 100+ temps start. I always get a little extra spring in my step this time of year and thankful I was able to get a few minutes for some me time. Whenever that happens one of the first things I do is pamper myself with the perfect manicure.

Spring nail trends are giving new life to my social media feeds and I can’t wait to usher in a few them on my own nails. It’s time to put down my go-to nudes and embrace the beautiful pastels, metallics and sparkles that brightened up the Spring 2016 runways.


I brightened up my nail look this week with the new limited edition Nailed It Precious Petals Mini Nail Lacquers from mark. This nail polish duo features the shades green thumb and steel magnolia. Both provide just the right around of shimmer.


In addition to the Nailed It duo, the limited edition Precious Petals Beauty Collection from mark. includes beautiful lip gloss shades and longwear eyeshadows to create the perfect Pretty in Pink (and mint & orchid) spring makeup looks.


I can’t wait to get my hands on the complete collection so I can recreate mark. Brand Ambassador Lucy Hale’s fresh spring look from the most recent mark. magalog.


You can shop mark. and more in my beauty boutique at www.azmakeupmaven.com

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